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April is National Poetry Month! Let’s kick it off by RECording Voice Overs & Videos of yourself reciting poems found in THIS COLLAB started by thatwasnotveryravenofyou. Then contribute your performances HERE to CaptClare’s collab.


VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Perform Voice Overs of poem you like from THIS COLLAB & contribute them HERE.

PERFORMERS: RECord yourself or others acting out these poems.


Contribute to the “RECITE A POEM EVERY DAY" collab HERE!

There’s nothing to it, but to do it…

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Onymous wants you to name things for what they are. Make us love you. Tell us what you see. Onymous will never see it the way you do. Make us see what you see. Make us believe what you believe. We believe in paradox. Make us hate you. We don’t have a schedule for releasing issues. We’ll put out…

I’m certain this is the beginning of something beautiful.

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From Christopher Noxon:

Seven years ago a pair of art school students started the Sketchbook Project. It’s simple enough: for $25, they send you a blank notebook. You fill up the blank notebook and then return it, and the notebook  joins a permanent collection located in a storefront in Brooklyn. All the books are carefully indexed and categorized and available for anyone and everyone to peruse. 

The books themselves are ridiculously interesting — I spent four hours perusing the collection on a recent snowy morning and could’ve spent all day. I took home an official Sketchbook Project notebook and devoted the first pages to these impressions of my visit.

Need one!

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Filmed By: Jesse Alford

Skated Glenbriar skate park the other day, tried to get a trick on each obstacle. The ender only took one try! haa

This is my my my guy, rollin’, slidin’, glidin’ by.

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